Fare Pay

Have you ever got into a taxi and realised you don’t have any cash in your pocket?

At this point you need the driver to stop at a cash point that may be a few miles out of the way, which unfortunately adds to your fare. It’s also an inconvenience when it is cold or raining outside.

We now have a solution to this problem.

We are the first private hire company in Bradford to offer Fare Pay. Fare pay allows you to quickly and safely pay for your journey by debit or credit card without leaving the vehicle.

This is how it works:

  • At the end of the journey you use your mobile phone to call the Fare Pay number (provided by the driver)
  • You enter the number assigned to your driver
  • You enter the amount you wish to pay
  • If you already have your card details stored on the system, you are asked to confirm the security code. Alternatively you are asked to enter your card details
  • The payment is authorised in seconds and a receipt is sent to you and the driver


What does it cost?
There is a £1 charge to use this service. This is an extremely small fee if you consider that some cash points charge up to £2 for you to withdraw money! This is also a simple and faster alternative to BACS transfers for business account users.

Is it secure?
The Fare Pay system is compliant with our payment gateway’s PCI:DSS compliance status. All payments and card details are 100% secure.